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1.Baldwin fuel filter B7577 
2.Graded pore structure 
3.High dirt-holding capacity 
4.ISO Certificate

Baldwin B7577 fuel filter element

Filter ratings: 1 to 200 Ž╠m

Filter materials: glass fibre, solid plastic, wire mesh, paper, metal fleece, water-absorbent material

Absolute or nominal filtration, depending on the filter material

Permissible differential pressures: 20 bar

Operating temperature: up to 100íŃC

Compatible with all conventional operating media

With bypass valve (optionally without)



 High filtration efficiency

 Graded pore structure

 High dirt-holding capacity

 Low differential pressure

 High-strength construction

 Stainless steel construction offers excellent chemical resistance



1.Apply for heavy engine, such as generators, trucks, excavators, construction machine etc.

2.Particulate contaminants removal for heavy engine performing efficiency.

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