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DC12V Solenoid Valve
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DC12V Solenoid Valve,Reverse Solenoid Valve 4V210-08 
1.5/2 way 
2.ISO9001:2008 and CE approve 
3.Coil by full-automatic machine 

Model:  200 Series Solenoid Valve, Pneumatic Control Valve, Reverse Solenoid Valve  4V210-08


Available Type: 4V210-06    4V220-06    4V230C-06   4V230E-06   4V230P-06   4V210-08   4V220-08   4V230C-08

                           4V230E-08  4V230P-08   4A210-06    4A220-06    4A230C-06    4A230E-06  4A230P-06  

                           4A210-08    4A220-08    4A230C-08   4A230E-08   4A230P-08



•Integral slot piston structure
•Process valve hole with special high precision finishing process
•Beautiful appearance
•Good reverser
•Reliable performance
•Seal wear can automatic compensate



1/4" to 1 " 1600 PSI High pressure good quality PVC air hose    DC12V Solenoid Valve    300 Series Reverse Solenoid Valve,Pneumatic Control Valve 4V320-10B
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